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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dreading Journey: Two (2) Years with Dreadlocks (PICTURES)

Hello Otherbeasts! So, wow. Here we are and it's been two (2) years since I've had Dreadlocks. It was my Two Year Dreadiversary back in July but I was so busy I had to put it off until now; I'm so sorry for the delay, my lovely Beasties. So, without further ado, I give you:

Two Years with Dreadlocks

Yes, yes, ah my, how they grow up. Now granted they're only 2 years old... and what have we learned about dreads? That they take closer to 3 years to mature (at the very least). I'm sure you're more interested in the pictures, so I'll let those speak for themselves... with little editorials by Yours Truly of course.

Fun Fact: I started out two years ago with 64 dreadlocks... two years later I have 62. I lost two somewhere. (Thanks to Ratty for asking this question.)

Remember how I talked a while ago about my dreads being a signal of change, they were a commitment for my health, etc? Remember? Okay, well, two years ago when I put my dreadlocks in I was at a very unhealthy weight (200 lbs for my 5'6" frame). Well today, two years later and I'm a healthy 118 lbs. "How do you know you're healthy, Shade, you're just going by your weight... that's not very indicative." Okay, Doubting Thomas, I also just had an entire blood panel run, cholesterol levels all perfect across the board. Hormones? Another A+. Lipids and all that other junk? Awesome. Blood Pressure? 117/77 with a resting pulse at 56. Boo-ya-ka-sha.

All right, on with the show.

 So, here you can see that my dreads are exactly that... dreadlocks. I still have a lot of fuzzy bits (the cycles, they keep coming around) but for the most part they stay well behaved.

 Just a different angle, you can still see the unintentional ombre job from my old dye growing out.

You can see I've gained back a little length... okay, a lot of length.

A lot of my dreads are still very quirky and do their own thing... and you can see I still have paintbrush tips even after two years.

See the two dreads I'm holding away from my face? That was my Big Fatty... that dread got way too big and so I combed it out and split into two... as you can see I have two baby dreads again. Awww... and damn it!

Okay, so this might be a new favorite, I don't get to see myself from the back very often... I love them minus my bald spot!

The wind was blowing, you can see my locks are still light enough to be moved a bit... although they look a bit funny and my ear is sticking out, boo hiss.


A view from the underside. Because how often do you get to see that part? You can see all my little loose strands that don't want to assimilate.

Just a length shot.

 So that's me and my dreads...
My Latest Complaint? Stray Hair That Doesn't Dread in Anywhere!

It will be written about.

Okay Otherbeasts, well that's two years of dreadlocks right there. Wanna see something cool? Okay.

I've started making dreadlock cuffs and beads because, well, who knows dreads better than a fellow dreadhead? I thought I'd give my creativity a shot in this direction. Check out my shop on Etsy for more like this and many other unique ones!

My Etsy Shop (Wings and Things by D&D Studios) is full of Handmade Dreadlock Beads and Cuffs! 
Made by - Yours Truly - by a Dreadie, for Dreadies. <3

 Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

How I Lost 80 lbs Pounds: Hello Healthy Girl (PICTURES)

Hi Otherbeasts! The countdown is still ticking... my 2 Year Primal-versary is coming up in November. Remember, this phase is "Hello Healthy Girl" and I've got 3 more months to whip myself into shape.

Reminder: Back in November of 2012 I weighed 200 lbs. Now, almost 2 years later, I'm holding fast at 120 lbs. So, I've lost about 80 pounds. It feels good, so good.

I wanted to show you the progress so far though...

Remember, this was all possible by following Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint.
Healthy... here I come, ready or not!

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

Friday, May 2, 2014

Goodbye Fat Girl! (75 Pounds Lost in 18 Months)

Hello Otherbeasts! I hope you've been well during my hiatus! I didn't mean to stay gone so long but being an adult sure is time consuming. Ah, well... here's an update:

Goodbye Fat Girl! 75 Pounds Lost in 18 Months!

Yeah, it took a bit longer than expected... those last 15 pounds really took some effort to get rid of. No pain, no gain, amiright? Here's the pics:

Right Side:

 Left Side:

I reached 135 back in August of last year (9 months into eating clean) but continued to fluctuate between 144 and 135 from September until March of this year (I admit some bad habits *cough* candybinges *cough* crept back in for a few months but I overcame them). 

Just this first week of May I actually saw "130" on the scale... which was my "mini-goal" for last year when I turned 30; now I'm about to turn 31. Joy. But I reached 130 in my 30th year! Hooray! 

Here's where we look forward to ushering in the next phase: "Hello, Healthy Girl!"

These next 6 months will be devoted to toning, tightening, building, and strengthening. Why six months? Well, 6 months from now will be my TWO YEAR anniversary from when I first started eating clean... and I think it's a more realistic goal than my previous one.

So, stay tuned!

Until Next Time.
<3 Shade