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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crazy Pimple Remedy Cure

Hello cherished Otherbeasts! I've got some great news. Hate pimples? Read on.

So I'm in my late twenties and my entire life my skin has been pretty calm; never had acne, never had severe breakouts, I just had the occasional white head pop up. So, now that I'm older, I'm getting these really gnarly cystic pimples on my left cheek.

My Face BEFORE: No shame in an up close shot.
(See that pimple? It was HUGE, and red, and nasty.)

 This has been going on for the last few months and after exhausting almost every available "zit zapper" product on the market, I threw caution to the wind and did an experiment. I was so frustrated with my face that I started using 1% hydrocortisone cream on my face because no moisturizer could leave me pimple-free.

Then, that's when I started noticing something strange... my massive cystic pimple had reduced in size almost overnight. What? Ya, and then about 3 days later... it was GONE. I have made an oath to never use anything on my face except for soap and hydrocortisone. I've had no ill effects and my skin is looking radiant and pimple free!

Note: Opt for the cream instead of the "gel." The gel is just filled with petroleum jelly which is icky for your face. Try it and amaze yourself.

My face AFTER:
No shame in a close up again!
(I look much happier, and while the pimple is gone, the little mark will vanish with time.)

Have fun with your clear skin!


Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

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