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Friday, May 2, 2014

Goodbye Fat Girl! (75 Pounds Lost in 18 Months)

Hello Otherbeasts! I hope you've been well during my hiatus! I didn't mean to stay gone so long but being an adult sure is time consuming. Ah, well... here's an update:

Goodbye Fat Girl! 75 Pounds Lost in 18 Months!

Yeah, it took a bit longer than expected... those last 15 pounds really took some effort to get rid of. No pain, no gain, amiright? Here's the pics:

Right Side:

 Left Side:

I reached 135 back in August of last year (9 months into eating clean) but continued to fluctuate between 144 and 135 from September until March of this year (I admit some bad habits *cough* candybinges *cough* crept back in for a few months but I overcame them). 

Just this first week of May I actually saw "130" on the scale... which was my "mini-goal" for last year when I turned 30; now I'm about to turn 31. Joy. But I reached 130 in my 30th year! Hooray! 

Here's where we look forward to ushering in the next phase: "Hello, Healthy Girl!"

These next 6 months will be devoted to toning, tightening, building, and strengthening. Why six months? Well, 6 months from now will be my TWO YEAR anniversary from when I first started eating clean... and I think it's a more realistic goal than my previous one.

So, stay tuned!

Until Next Time.
<3 Shade


  1. Ooh, good work!
    This is just what I needed to see this evening. It's one of those days when everything just sucks.
    Tomorrow my sis and I will start eating "clean" also, hurray, finally! After weeks of candy! *Oops*

    Your dreads look great btw! ;)

    1. Sandra,
      Thanks very much! I wish you and your sister the best of luck on your new, clean journey! Go kick some tail, Otherbeasts! Keep me updated! Also, thanks for the locks compliment!
      <3 Shade

  2. have you found that the weight loss has helped your hypersomnia at all? (I have about 60 pounds to lose)

  3. Congrats (belated) on your health journey, and as Sandra commented above, your dreadlocks look amazing! I'm considering getting my hair locked again after I had them for just over a year 10 years ago and got frustrated and cut them off, but I love your post about the reasons for getting your hair locked, and I'm inspired to go for it again. Keep up the great blogging!